St. Lawrence species

Devaleraea ramentacea

Devaleraea ramentacea

Type of resource

  • Algae
  • Red algae

Status of the resource

  • Not determined

In season

Not determined.

SIZE : Up to 40 cm.


Spring species, found on the south side of the Gaspé Peninsula. Once July has passed, it is difficult to find Gaspé corals.

Devaleraea ramentacea is a dark red algae with a varying appearance: hollow and tube-shaped when young, flattened when fully grown. Branches are present at the base of the algae. These intensify as young individuals develop on the previous year’s stipe.

Coastal zone, in cold waters.

Devaleraea ramentacea settles on rocks in environments exposed to waves.

Credit : Éric Tamigneaux, photo taken in Pointe-Saint-Pierre.


Solar energy


Herbivorous molluscs
Herbivorous gastero-pods

This algae is not yet commercially harvested in Quebec.

Máirin de Valéra

Devaleraea ramentacea was described as a new species in 1982. Its Latin name, Devaleraea, is a tribute to the Irish researcher, Máirin de Valéra, founder of the Phycological Society of Great Britain.

Crunchy, firm texture.

The waters of the St. Lawrence are known for their good quality. However, as algae absorb the elements present in the water in order to grow, it is preferable to make sure that the harvesting site is clean before eating them fresh.