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What is Smarter Seafood?

With a view to sustainable development and protection of biodiversity, Smarter Seafood promotes a number of less familiar marine species of the St. Lawrence that are under-exploited by consumers, restaurateurs, fish markets and grocery stores across Quebec.


Promoting sustainable seafood consumption

To encourage seafood consumption that is environmentally friendly, supports the economy, and is good for both our own well-being and for society, Smarter Seafood has developed a number of tools for consumers.

Discover new recipes

Our rich St. Lawrence abounds in flavours and textures to discover. Integrate Quebec’s marine species into your menu and sample them today!


Smarter Seafood Awards

For the second year, Smarter Seafood Awards is bringing excellence and innovation in Quebec’s marine sector into the spotlight.

The “Quebec Seafood – Capture and Aquaculture” award goes to Guy Vigneault, director of Pêcheries Shipek, for his exceptional versatility as a fisherman, entrepreneur and community leader.

The “Quebec Seafood – Processing” award goes to Élisabethe Arseneau, co-founder, president and CEO of Alcyon Sel de Mer for the innovation, product authenticity and determination demonstrated by her company.

The “Quebec Seafood – New Market Development” award goes to Isabelle Dupuis and Francis Boisvert, owners of the microbrewery Microbrasserie Le Presbytère, for their commitment to promoting Quebec’s maritime treasures, including Smarter Seafood species, and for their remarkable dynamism in developing Quebec’s regional specialties.

The jury’s “Coup de Cœur” award goes to Rendez-vous Loup-marin in the Magdalen Islands for its 15 years of contribution to Madelinot pride by promoting the region’s heritage and creating stronger community relations around this unique and festive event.

Smarter Seafood Expo
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